Working towards a sustainable future

We understand sustainability matters. For us it’s not something companies can pay lip service to anymore, sustainability matters for the environment and for our society.

Small steps

At Gift Voucher Brilliance, we count ourselves very fortunate to have an office in a beautiful part of the Devon countryside, close to the coast, and we are aware of the impact tourism has on the area.

We are active members of The Devon Wildlife Trust, sharing monthly team updates so we understand how the coast and countryside are managed, the challenges faced and where we can get involved on a personal level to help the Trust continue its work, helping the local wildlife and environment continue to thrive.

What we do now

Alongside digital gift voucher delivery we generate significant physical postal orders. Year-on-year this number is increasing, resulting in a large supply of stationery.

While digital vouchers are growing more quickly, in everything we do, from choosing the right supplier partners that use solar power to produce their products, through to the recycled paper in our print and packaging, we endeavour to be as green as possible, while remaining competitive. We prioritise sustainabile processes and ensure this is front of mind in any decision.


Moving forward

To reduce our waste, we donate our surplus paper and card off-cuts to a local children’s nursery school. This way we know our excess paper is recycled and becomes a source of enjoyment and education for future generations.

Additionally, our website hosting uses 100% renewable energy and holds Green Web Foundation certification.

Going for B Corp

We're thrilled to announce the submission of our B Impact Assessment, marking our commitment to become B Corp certified. This transformative certification will reshape the way we do business for the future. 

We are aware of our role in influencing tourism and its potential impact on the environment and local communities. Our ongoing efforts are focused on transforming into a more sustainable business that prioritises the well-being of people, the planet, and proft. 

B Corp certification is granted by B Lab, a global non-profit organisation that establishes the highest standards for social, environmental, and governance best practices in business. This certification process is thorough, requiring evidence and examines every facet of our business and our responsibilities to all stakeholders.