Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the setup process take?

Set up takes approximately 2-5 working days, providing the content is supplied to deadline, proofs are returned promptly, and you choose Stripe as your payment gateway. We do work with other gateway providers but they can take longer to integrate and test.

Will it look like my existing website?

We style Gift Voucher Brilliance to complement your website and branding. We consider button and banner colours and have a choice of Times New Roman or Arial fonts for text.

Who maintains the Gift Voucher Brilliance?

Gift Voucher Brilliance is self-managed for editing and adding voucher content, for tracking, redeeming and reporting gift voucher sales. We provide a training session prior to go-live and supply a supporting help document. We also supply a YouTube video training link.

How do we take customer payments?

Payments must be taken through an ecommerce payment gateway. If you don’t have a payment gateway we can help. We Integrate with Stripe, Secure Trading, World Pay, Pay Pal, Sage Pay, Realex, Elavon and First Data. We recommend Stripe and we are a Secure Trading official partner. The process and service with them is secure and swift and we can put you in touch with our dedicated relationship manager.

How do we track and monitor the gift voucher sales?

Every gift voucher generated through Gift Voucher Brilliance is generated with a unique identity code, each voucher, be it unredeemed, redeemed or expired is logged and listed in Gift Voucher Brilliance and can be searched for by code or by name of purchaser.

What does it cost?

We have several pricing options available. One of our client team can carefully consider the most appropriate price package for you. Our model is a commission-based platform.

How do we pay the commission?

Commission is payable on invoice which is issued on the 1st of every month and payable within 14 days.

What training and support is available?

A remote training session is included in the setup process. Supporting training documents are supplied following the training session and videos are available. Full support is 9am-5pm Monday – Friday by email or telephone. Limited out of hours support is available up to 8pm in the evening and during the weekend for business-critical queries.

How many vouchers can we sell?

There is no cap on the number of vouchers you can sell online.

Can I run promotions and offer discounts?

Discount codes can be set up which are useful for promotions. There is also a hidden voucher area for creating secret deals which work particularly well when used in tandem with digital marketing campaigns.

Can I sell gift vouchers sold in the hotel/restaurant/attraction through GVB?

Yes, the management system is set up to generate and manage both online sales and over the desk/phone sales along with complimentary vouchers.

Can I choose my own voucher design?

During the set-up process we offer you the choice of eight template styles and ask you to choose just one. We also offer a bespoke voucher design* service.

How do vouchers get delivered?

Vouchers are delivered by email or by post. Email delivery includes a scheduling calendar for specific date delivery. Postal options are despatched by our in-house fulfilment team via Royal Mail 1st class envelope or box, as decided by the customer. **

What happens if an order needs to be refunded?

Refunds are at the discretion of the property and we recommend that the refund is actioned in your payment gateway. The voucher can then be voided in Gift Voucher Brilliance.

What happens when a customer wants to redeem their voucher?

The voucher can carry redemption information specific to your T&Cs. We recommend that vouchers are redeemed on arrival and logged straight away in the Gift Voucher Brilliance management system.

What happens to unredeemed vouchers?

Specific expiry dates can be pre-set per voucher. Any unredeemed vouchers that have expired are still trackable in the Gift Voucher Brilliance management system. Approx. 25% of gift vouchers are never redeemed, allowing additional revenue to go straight to your business.