Seamless integration with your EPOS or PMS

Take your gift voucher sales and management to the next level with our API.


What is an API and how does it work?

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows different computing applications to talk to one another.

Our API can work with your EPOS or PMS to check the unique voucher code for authentication, validity and redemption, ensuring the payment process is as simple as paying with cash or card. This enables you to provide an accurate bill with a customer’s gift voucher credit applied to the total without switching software programs.

If your EPOS or PMS provider has an API too, then we can integrate it with Gift Voucher Brilliance, unlocking a list of benefits that can contribute to your success.

Paul Benn, Manager at the Witchery Edinburgh

This integration brings significant operational benefits

"The API integration between Gift Voucher Brilliance and our Epos provider Tevalis has brought significant operational benefits to our restaurant. It not only streamlines voucher management, but the time saved from manual voucher processing can be redirected toward providing exceptional customer service and improving overall dining experiences. The automation of these tasks not on‚Äčly saves valuable time but also minimizes the potential for errors, creating a more efficient and reliable system for handling customer vouchers. Efficiently managing gift vouchers is a crucial aspect of running a successful restaurant, and this integration does just that."

Benefits to boost your success

Linking your software programs with Gift Voucher Brilliance enables you to smoothly sell and redeem gift vouchers to customers at your venue.

What are the benefits of using the API?

  • Streamline operations
  • Increase reliability
  • Deliver exceptional customer experience
  • Reduce risk of mistakes
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Grow gift voucher sales
  • and more

How to get started with our API?

Make your operations more efficient and productive - boosting experience and revenue! 

To get started with our API get in touch with our dedicated gift voucher support team, who will be able to assist you to getting this feature set-up.