Sell More Gift Vouchers on Black Friday

There are unlimited options for what you can do to boost your gift voucher sales this November. Of course the key sales period is Black Friday which is on 24th November this year. But Black Friday is more than just one day. Depending on the type of campaign, extending your offering for another day or over a week will ensure you maximise sales.

If you need some inspiration and expert guidance to cash in on your online Gift Voucher sales this Autumn, we’ve got you. Check out some campaign ideas below, how they have worked for others and how they could work for you!

Types of Black Friday Campaigns

To get the most out of promoting your gift vouchers and maximising sales, you need to decide what kind of campaign you want to run.

Classic Discount Sale

One that works well each year is a classic discounted sale. People will be on the hunt for big bargains especially this year. So make sure your offering is good enough that they cannot resist. 

Alternative Black Friday

With the backlash against consumerism by some, an alternative approach to Black Friday could better suit your brand. “Green Friday” campaigns encourage customers to spend more time outdoors. Other properties pledge to give a percentage of their sales to charities or local community groups for regenerative projects. 

Limited Edition and VIP sale

As a hospitality business you are well positioned to create memory-making experiences that can be priced at a premium. There is a market for people who want something extra special, that is not general but exclusive to them.

Autumn Sale

If you wish to avoid Black Friday completely, then you might find an Autumn sale works best for you. This will have a calmer feel with longevity to extend throughout the season, over a shorter period of frenzy and panic buying.

Black Friday case study

Sold £12,000 of gift vouchers in just 4 days

• 3 day social campaign with reach of 15,000

• Targeted email campaign to 12,000 contacts over 4 days promoting voucher offer

• Generated £12,000 in gift voucher revenue

Top Tips for Gift Voucher Sales

Using Promotional codes

Promotional codes are a great way to spread your sale and create a buzz. Use social media and email newsletters to send directly to your existing customers to offer VIP early access to a hidden voucher shop.

Create a specific category

Gift Voucher Brilliance enables you to create specific shop categories, so you can put all your sale offers into one place to promote. Simply create your Black Friday gift shop and add your vouchers, then you can use one shop link to send to your customers. Making it simple and quick.

Extend your sales period

Don’t be afraid to extend your sale offers for another day. This is a great way to capture more sales using simple messaging: “due to huge popularity, we’ve extended our sale for another 24 hours!” – but be careful not to give away too much too soon and lose the attention of a captive audience.

Use a clear call-to-action

If you are selling your offer for a limited time, you need to make it simple and clear for your prospective customers to make a purchase. Don’t distract them with too many calls to action, instead use one message and lead them to the checkout. If you make it complicated, shoppers will be quick to go somewhere else.

Getting over the line

People don’t like missing out, and nor should they. For exclusive offers, communicate that it is a one-time occasion and will never happen again. When this becomes apparent, they are more likely to buy on impulse. You can even seal the deal by offering an extra perk such as a free gift, or entry into a prize draw or giveaway. 

Black Friday case study

5 day campaign generated over £11,000 in revenue

• Offer: Luxurious experience voucher, extra 20% towards a stay & half price dining offers

• Facebook advertising spend of £25.00

• Targeted email campaigns

• VIP preview on Thursday night

• Black Friday sale now on - Friday through the weekend

• Last chance to shop - Monday

Make a success out of your gift voucher sales

The beauty of ‘Black Friday’ is that it’s completely customisable to you and your business, there are no guidelines or expectations about what you should sell or offer in this period as every business does ‘Black Friday’ differently!

If you need support to sell and deliver successful gift voucher campaigns for your hospitality business, get in touch with our dedicated team today. Call 01803 872999 or email