The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Voucher Guide

Published: 2022-01-21 / Author: Lilli Seymour

When thinking of Valentine’s Day, the typical thoughts that spring to mind are of love hearts, red roses and most distinctively, Cupid, the little naked baby that depicts love and romance. But why is this, how has a winged baby with a bow and arrow become the universal symbol of love?

The simple answer being Cupid in classical mythology is the God of love, desire and attraction. He flies around shooting his arrow and making people fall into a deep infatuating love. This love, inevitably, once a year results in the giving or receiving of red roses.

So, let’s talk about it, the most common gift on Valentine’s Day, the red rose.

Valentines red rose

They’re a classic, representing love and passion, who doesn’t love flowers? But the real question, how to one up this repetitive romantic gesture, how to stand out this year?

The answer: a shared experience. The chance to make memories, to get out and experience together, whether it’s a trip to a luxury spa, a romantic night away, an indulgent afternoon tea, a delicious meal, whatever it is - quality time with our loved ones is what we want this year.

If there is anything the pandemic has taught us all, is that life is simply too short. We want to make memories, to spend time with our partners, family, friends. We want fun, love, joy, and we want it all at once. So why is it that we continue to keep buying these same red roses every year when there is so much more out there?


4 Examples to Inspire Your Valentine's Gift Shop

1 | Luxurious Spa Day

If you have spa facilities, why not offer your customers to treat a loved one with The Redworth Hall Hotel’s ‘Just The Two Of Us’ Spa day.

Spa Day at Redworth Hall

2 | An Exciting Gift Experience

Looking for something more unique? Beechfield House are offering ‘Fly Drive & Stay in style’. A luxury gift experience driving a Jaguar E-type classic car, enjoying a scenic lunch on the hills followed by a ride in a Chipmunk aircraft!

Jaguar e-type

3 | Seas the Day

Fancy something on the sea? How about ‘A Powerboat Experience’ for two, being offered by Falmouth Powerboat School, a fantastic opportunity to learn to drive a Powerboat. 

Powerboat experience

4 | Relaxing Escape for Two

Wanting something more relaxing? St George’s Hotel are offering a ‘Luxury Seaside Escape for Two’, an exclusive gift experience including an ‘Exclusive Rooftop Room’, Champagne on ice on your arrival, Welsh chocolates and a Bouquet of flowers awaiting you in your room … and that’s just the start! 

Relaxing Break for Two

These are all gifts Cupid would approve of and far superior to the clichéd red rose.


Get your voucher shop Valentine's Day ready

Have a dedicated Valentine’s Day voucher category

You can add existing vouchers to this category or create specific vouchers tailored to couples or romantic experiences.


The best way to get out the news about your Valentines offers is to spread the word, post onto your social media about the offers with a link to your gift voucher shop, you can also add this into any email newsletters.

Create secret sales by using hidden categories

Setting up a ‘Hidden Vouchers’ section in your gift shop means the category won’t appear in the main menu but does have a unique URL, you can email this to your targeted audience therefore controlling which vouchers can be bought at a lower price.

Export your data

By exporting your data from the reporting area, you can target existing customers with an email newsletter about the Valentine’s Day vouchers you’re offering.


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