Are you pro-actively promoting your gift vouchers?

Published: 2021-06-18

Here at Gift Voucher Brilliance we care about our clients - we are always continuing to offer support and advice, we don’t stop once your shop is live.

With your interests at heart, we’ve put together a mini-checklist of actions to actively promote your gift vouchers and encourage your customers to make a purchase.

All our ideas can be actioned in-house with the right marketing tools or by a team of hospitality specialists – please do get in touch with our marketing team if you are in need of a helping hand.

Court Colman Website


Your website is your most vital tool – make sure your navigation is clear and easy with an obvious button and a call to action to shop your online gift voucher shop. 

Email Marketing

Don’t expect your guests to know that you are selling gift vouchers, you need to tell them! Send an email to your client list promoting your voucher shop with any seasonal vouchers you may have. Include a personal message “you may like…” to increase engagement. Don’t forget to include a button, link or even a banner on every email newsletter to remind them you sell gift vouchers!


New and recent content is ranked higher on google listings – blog posts are a great way to move up the rankings but to also promote your gift vouchers. Why not put together a mini gift guide that includes your best-selling and seasonal vouchers.  

Social Media

Your social channels are one of your greatest assets – promote your voucher shop and individual gift ideas, if budget allows add money behind your post to reach a wider audience and target lookalikes. Don’t forget sell gift vouchers as well as the experience!

Ty Mawr Email Signature

Email Signature

Do you send emails from Outlook on a daily basis? Do you interact with customers via email? Why not add a footer to your email with a link to your gift voucher shop – make it graphical to catch the eye. 

menu - offline collateral

Offline Collateral

Your guests have already been converted they have already made a purchase to visit. Traditional ways are not to be forgotten. Include a message in your marketing collateral or even create your own point of sale pack for promotion.

  • Button Badges – to add to staff uniform, this reinforces the message!
  • Business cards/Postcards/Flyers – a small takeaway style advertising to put in rooms or on reception.
  • Menus – guests eating in your venue will always read a menu. Add a note to your menu about gift vouchers.
  • Posters – dot these around the hotel (restaurant, spa, reception even the loos!).
  • Table talkers – Most guests generally eat sat at a table, re-inforce your online gift voucher shop with a tent card promotion.
  • Direct mail – a postcard or brochure with a seasonal gift guide - combine direct mail with digital marketing and the conversion rate more than doubles.


For further information and enquiries on any of the above marketing tips please get in touch. Call the Gift Voucher Brilliance team on 01803 872999 or email today.