Get Behind The Gift Voucher Sales Boom

Published: 2021-07-29 / Author: Clockwork Marketing

At Gift Voucher Brilliance we back up our marketing with hard facts. That means a lot of number crunching. Our team are familiar with a funnel.

While dredging through data may not be pretty, it gives our insights an edge. Thanks to our in-depth analysis, we can confidently say what is working for our clients. 

So, here they are. Our top tips and actions to help you boost your voucher sales.


Monthly Sales Boom 

Since hotels, restaurants and spas started to reopen and lockdown gradually eased, gift voucher sales have significantly increased. 

Monthly sales experienced a rapid recovery in March, as Mother's Day sales were combined with more sales thanks to the end of lockdown.

In a normal year, Mother's Day is the largest sales peak until Black Friday in November, with notable sales for Father's Day in June. This year was different (in all ways).

Experience gift voucher sales climbed even higher in May and June, growing over 70% in June 2021. 


What does this mean in monetary terms? Whereas in January takings sat, on average, around £2,000, in June they have more than trebled to surpass £8,000.

This spending is driven by confidence. People can justify treating themselves and their loved ones to experiences in the future.


Average Selling Price Grows

The average selling price has moved up too, by 17% on average, with Afternoon tea selling price increasing by 43%. This could be down to people buying nicer Afternoon teas such as with fizz, or increasing the number of guests the experience is for, from 1 or 2 to more. The average selling price for Afternoon Teas is £67.

Don't be afraid of modelling higher cost items in your marketing - people are excited at the prospect of being able to *finally* live it up. Think wine with lunch, a bottle of champagne with dinner, and homemade chocolate truffles in the room.

Afternoon Tea Tops The Charts

Sales across all categories are up between 83% to 93%, but only one can reign supreme. It's Afternoon Tea. This elegant affair, which was populised in the UK by Queen Anne, retains the title of most popular voucher type.

It's small wonder really. For less than the price of a meal,  Afternoon Tea is something of an event. It's a little bit grand, and very special to share with a group of friends or a loved one.

The whole experience gets to the heart of relaxed indulgence. People love to gift this for Christmas and birthdays, as a treat to add to a staycation holiday in the area, or as a way to mark anniversaries, engagements and retirements. 

They also like to treat themselves. Some people buy for themselves. Others gift to a partner, family member, or friend who will take them along too - we know this because we get jokey messages like 'better bring me!'.

Knowing this, why not add variations on this theme. We have seen creative themed teas taking inspiration from books and TV, and cuisines around the world.


Another incentive for gift-giving is as a “reward” to friends and family who have supported one another or simply made it through the pandemic.

Our vouchers can be personalised to the recipient. Over the last year we have regularly seen variations of the messages below:

“Thank you for all your support during the past year”

“You deserve this!”

“Looking forward to seeing you again!”

With this in mind, contextualise your gift voucher marketing. Talk about the reasons people might reach out to others after a year of widespread suffering and separation.

Also, acknowledge the power of gifting to yourself for self-care. You can drop hints and make suggestions for ways that people can treat themselves.

Make Or Break Your Business

The gift voucher sales boom means high stakes for your business. While sales are booming for some businesses, less successful competitors are left high and dry.

Make sure your potential future guests aren't buying or receiving gift vouchers for experiences they could be having at your property. 

We expect this trend to continue for the coming months, making now an opportune time to launch a voucher shop or, if you have one, refresh your content to include the best selling experiences.