Easter traditions and gift inspiration

Published: 2022-04-07 / Author: Lilli Seymour

Easter is commonly known as a four-day weekend consisting of chocolate eggs, good food and the Easter Bunny. Or for those who don’t celebrate with the giant rabbit or are opposed to gorging themselves on an assortment of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, Easter is a time for family and faith.

The origin of Easter

So, let’s talk origin and timeline of the Christian Easter festival. Good Friday is when Jesus was believed to have been crucified and thus died on the cross. This leads to Easter Sunday, where the disciples’ found Jesus’ tomb empty as he had been resurrected. Finally, there’s Easter Monday, where the disciples’ celebrated the return of the Messiah to Earth hence both Good Friday and Easter Monday becoming bank holidays in the UK.

Alongside the cross, common symbols of Easter include eggs, chicks and chickens, lambs and, of course, the Easter Bunny. These emblems are associated with the Easter holiday due to their representation of fertility and new life – representing the rising of Jesus – but they also represent Spring and celebrate the regeneration of new life given to nature after the winter has passed. The Easter Bunny dates back to German folklore, where a smartly dressed rabbit would deliver Easter eggs to children.

Present day, Easter is viewed as time dedicated to spending with family. Alongside warm(ish) April sunshine and children giddy from the sheer amount of chocolate consumed, it seems the perfect break from the working week to celebrate your loved ones and take the time to appreciate them. Now, debatably, the best part of Easter is the egg hunt. Scavenging for chocolate around the house with siblings is a core memory of mine, and perhaps you have a similar one? So why not recreate this for your customers? Create those lasting memories at your establishment.

How to increase your voucher sales 

So, how do you capitalise this Easter?

Offer your customers a relaxing weekend with egg hunts for the children or grownups and freshly baked hot cross buns on tap. Give your customers a chance to spend time with their family stress-free. Create  the perfect day or long weekend for Easter splendour and excitement. For some inspiration, why not offer an Easter twist on a classic Afternoon Tea, how about a hot cross bun baking masterclass? 

Don’t worry if you can’t, or simply don’t want to, create Easter specific vouchers. Create an Easter category on your gift voucher shop and add your current bestselling vouchers such as lunch, dinner, and a night away!

Two great examples of this are the sister hotels – The Great House Hotel & Restaurant and Court Colman Manor Hotel, both located in South Wales. Their Easter categories include classics like chocolates, three-course dinner, champagne tea and weekend getaway stays. Easter is a great opportunity to showcase your facilities and what you can offer to your customers. Show off your venue through your gift vouchers! 

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