Drive revenue for your hospitality Gift Voucher shop with Summer sales

Published: 2022-06-30 / Author: Lilli Seymour

Looking for ways to drive in business this summer season and beyond? Well, you’ve come to the right place, we’re here to help guide you through making the most out of your gift voucher shop and maximising your income!

A Summer sale has proven to work for our client's time and time again, so, we wanted to share the wisdom. We know that it can be difficult to secure bookings come Autumn. So, by running a sale in the Summer, with gift vouchers that have a shorter redemption date, will encourage recipients to use their vouchers and visit your venue, for most can be a dry spell, or more widely known as shoulder months.

Summer sale success stories

Here are a few examples of how gift voucher Summer sales can help drive revenue:

Client Spotlight #1

A small hotel group ran a 10-day summer sale in August across Spa, Stay and Dining vouchers, with a set redemption date to drive bookings into their venues for September, October, and November. This was promoted by setting up a VIP event on Facebook and via email marketing to a targeted audience database.

The results? Generated £164,000 worth of voucher sales. 

Client Spotlight #2

A small restaurant group with three venues ran an early summer sale by offering a discount code on a monetary voucher. This was promoted through their social channels.

The results? Generated £12,000 in voucher sales during two weeks in June.

Teachers Gifts 

We know that teachers are so important in the lives and development of our children. As the school year draws to a close, parents will be looking for a unique way to thank these teachers for all their tremendous efforts over the last school year.

So why not add a teacher’s gift category to your shopfront to make finding the perfect gift easier for your customers! Some great vouchers to add to this category would be the classics, such as Afternoon Tea’s and Spa mornings but also include any experiences you offer that are more adventurous, like water sports and guided walking tours. To make sure there’s something for all types of teachers!

Trends we’ve noticed 

Some up and coming trends we’ve seen making their way around the hospitality sector, include things such as a Bridgerton inspired Afternoon Tea, with pressed flowers and specialised cakes! A great example of this is the Lanesborough Hotel in London, who have transformed a standard Afternoon Tea into a truly magical experience with fresh flowers and a special limited-edition menu reminiscent of the Regency era.

Themed events... we know it sounds simple and we mention time and again but it really works! Some brilliant themes we’ve seen popping up include Disney inspired Afternoon Tea’s – mostly commonly ‘Alice in Wonderland’. However, Hey Little Cupcake have created an amazing Beauty and The Beast inspired Afternoon Tea; complete with figurines and all!

How to thrive selling Gift Vouchers

Make sure you are marketing your gift voucher shop; you won’t make voucher sales if your customers don’t know that you offer them. Make sure a button on your website can be seen easily and make sure you talk about your vouchers! Social media is brilliant for this, use your social channels to spread the word of your voucher shop, the more people that know what you offer will directly impact the number of sales you make.

We hope this blog has offered insightful inspirations for your hospitality business. At Gift Voucher Brilliance, we do all we can to help you drive extra revenue year-round.

Don’t have a voucher solution? We would love to tell you more about how we can help you increase your revenue. Get in touch and we’ll set up a time that's suitable for you!