Special Deal Gift Vouchers

Sell More Than Just Gift Vouchers

Hotel rooms, restaurant covers and spa days are all highly perishable: if they go unsold, you’ll never get that opportunity again. Hence, it’s not unusual for hotels and restaurants to promote deals through discount websites such as Travelzoo, Voyage Privé, Secret Escapes, Living Social and Groupon.

As part of a wider strategy, these platforms can deliver growth. However, they typically charge 20%+ commission. The smart thing to do is to make those margins back by optimising spend and tempting the same guests to visit again…but without paying the 20% commission. Uniquely, Gift Voucher Brilliance can be used to do just that.

Here’s How…

With just a few clicks you can set up a special ‘Deal Vouchers’ section in your gift voucher shop, this won’t appear in the main menu but will have a unique URL that you can email to these deal-hunters. You can offer them the same promotion they booked on before (or similar), with similar terms – i.e. buy this voucher NOW, for this special price, and stay within this period. You'll get the same guests back, on your terms, and without paying the 20%+ commission this time. In fact, the acquisition cost will be super-low.

Here’s Why This Works...

It mimics the booking process. These deal-driven customers are used to buying this way. Vouchers are bought online and issued as eVouchers.

Vouchers sold are non-refundable and advance purchase. The customer might visit in three months' time, but the money is in your account immediately.

Offers are restricted to a very select audience. This limits any long-term brand erosion.

Specialist Marketing Support

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