Gift Voucher Tips

Don’t just tack it on to your website, make the most of your gift voucher platform by treating it as a valuable marketing tool and route to market.

Here are some top tips for making the platform really work wonders for your business…

    Tap into key times – sometimes it’s fine to ‘bandwagon’ – make the most of the key retail times such as Mothering Sunday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and plan ahead for these;

    Know your audience – if you are targeting existing customers for example, what do you know about them and what does this tell you about what, when and how to sell to them;

    Look after your best – use hidden vouchers to create exclusive offers for your best ‘VIP’ customers. Note, by selling to a gated community (rather than a publically visible sale/offer) you can add value over and above the OTA rates whist promoting loyalty amongst existing customers;

    Offer more (much more) than monetaryvouchers - people are often reluctant to make it blatant how much they’ve spent on a gift (it’s just not terribly British!), so be sure to think beyond the classic £25/£50/£100 offering;

    Offer experiences – three course dinners, wine tasting, afternoon tea and spa treatments all encourage increased spend;

    Offer choice – getting the right balance. Offer a range of price points and varied products/services/packages, but be sure to make it manageable for you whilst avoiding too much choice for the customer, which could create indecision. Also think about who the recipient might be, e.g. one person, a couple, or family;

    Use automated sends – do you have birthday or anniversary data stored for customers? Automated email sends could include a voucher offer;

    Sell to existing customers – when they give gifts to their friends and family they’re sending like-minded customers your way – consider their potential customer lifetime value;

    Promote your vouchers – at the risk of stating the obvious, do make sure that your gift voucher shop can be found; include a link or banner prominently on every page, promote it on printed collateral, emails and in timely mailings.

The Gift Voucher Brilliance Team