Mother's Day Traditions Around The World

Published: 2022-03-17 / Author: Lilli Seymour

Mother’s Day is one of the few dedicated days a year where we take the time to appreciate the special women in our lives, to show our love and admiration for them. So, how do we celebrate?

Mothering Sunday in the UK is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent as during medieval times, the working children would have a rare day off during the Lent season to worship the Virgin Mary and visit their family. To mark the occasion, children often picked flowers to gift their mothers on this day.

Mother's Day in India 

In India, there are two ‘Mother’s Day’ celebration events. Hindus celebrate the goddess Durga – Divine Mother – during an October festival lasting 10 days called Durga Puja. This festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil, so in celebration, Hindus give gifts to friends and family whilst holding large feasts. 

However, there is also a more westernised Mother’s Day which takes place on the second Sunday of May, where children gift their mothers’ cards and small gifts to show their appreciation. 

Mother's Day In Brazil

In Brazil, bested only by Christmas, Mother’s Day is a widely celebrated holiday. This event is marked on the second Sunday in May with special children’s performances, church gatherings, and large family symposiums and barbecues. (Source, Corey Kagan Whelan, 

Nowadays, we often gift our mother’s supermarket flowers and overpriced chocolates collected in a hurry on the way to visit them, rather than giving our mothers’ meaningful gifts that they actually want (or deserve)

Quality time with their loved ones. Their children, partners, friends, and family. 

So how do we gift them this invaluable time? 

With an experience! This priceless gift allows for quality time, either to themselves or with the ones they love.  

Mother's Day gift experiences

This is where your gift voucher shop comes into play. Experiences are becoming the most sought-after gifts as, after spending two Mother’s Days apart in lockdown, people are wanting to spend time with their family and friends. 

Experiences of all sizes have massive selling potential all year-round, with demand rocketing during gifting seasons. So, is your gift voucher shop Mother’s Day ready? If not, don’t fear – below is a curated list of what is popular right now in the land of experiences. Have a look, get inspired and start updating your gift voucher shop to showcase your best gifting experiences! 

Wellness Experiences

The demand for wellness breaks is rapidly increasing due to the growth of the global wellness trend, and their popularity only continues to climb. 

You don’t have to be a wellbeing expert to host a relaxing wellness experience. Whether you want to include wellness experiences as a frequent addition to your facility or just host a one-off session, activities such as Pilates, yoga and breathwork are fantastic examples of wellness experiences that you can offer on Mother’s Day and beyond. 

Reach out to professional freelancers to host these sessions. Working in unison with local experts will benefit you both. 

Get Outdoors

Make the most of the time of year! This spring, take advantage of the season and offer outdoor experiences. Many hospitality businesses are lucky enough to be situated in stunning locations, whether that is near green spaces, the sea, rivers, National Parks…. the opportunities are endless! 

Keep Britain Tidy are running the Great British Spring Clean (25th March – 10th April) a movement to pledge to pick up as much litter as you can during the campaign – why not get involved? 

Organise or support an existing movement to offer unique nature-focused experiences such as Beekeeping, tree planting and seed sowing. Call out to fellow green fingered folk and get involved in the ecological movement! 

Foodie Lovers

What could be more classic than an afternoon tea? As one of the universal best sellers across all gift shops we definitely recommend adding this one to your menu. 

Keep ahead of the afternoon tea trend by offering unique variations to this popular classic. From gin tea to a savoury spin, there are endless creative opportunities that will help you stand out amongst your competitors.  Think about themes, era, local specialities, popular films, or book themes– there’s no cap on what you can create! 

Short Breaks 

What better way to treat mum than with a relaxing night or two away? Your hotel is the perfect setting for a tranquil break away from the everyday stress - be the reason why your guests make amazing memories. There’s no better way to thank the special woman in your life than a stress-free getaway. 


We hope this blog has offered insightful inspirations for your hospitality business! At Gift Voucher Brilliance, we do all we can to help you drive extra revenue year-round.