Get Autumn Ready… 5 marketing ideas to increase your gift voucher sales

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Create a new seasonal category

Pop in some seasonal appropriate vouchers you may already have set up e.g. Autumn & Winter stays.  Be a bit creative too perhaps add in a Seasonal Supper with a hot toddy or introduce a Festive Afternoon Tea with a winter Pimms or a hot chocolate as alternative beverage choices.

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Set up a secret deal 

You can easily set up a ‘Hidden Vouchers’ section in your gift voucher solution, this won’t appear on the web shop but will have a unique URL that you can email to a targeted group of customers. You can then control which gift vouchers can be bought at a discounted price and limit any long-term brand erosion. If you are selling perishable stock – hotel rooms, restaurant covers etc. – you can create special vouchers that can only be used during certain periods by being specific with expiry dates. This is a great way to make special offers really work for you.

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Produce a discount code

Make the code simple e.g. AUTUMN2017 to drive customers to purchase vouchers now. It’s easy to set up and by adding a short expiry date it creates a sense of urgency. Customers can then apply the discount code at checkout for the percentage amount off. Be choosey about which vouchers it’s valid against (never monetary) and be sure to promote it far and wide. Broadcast it on social media, add it to your website and include it in your email newsletters.

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Feature seasonal specific vouchers on home page

Assign topical/seasonal vouchers to the 'best-selling' and 'featured voucher' areas. Themed dining goes down a treat so think Halloween, think Disney but most of all think about making it relevant to your business.

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Print is well and truly alive

Underpin your sales and invest in print collateral, tent cards for reception, bar and restaurant tables shout out to existing customers. Bold ‘ask me about gift vouchers’ badges are a great way of getting staff involved then simply incentivise your team with a reward for selling the most. Speak to one our team about our Gift Voucher Brilliance print marketing support pack which includes tent cards, badges and more…

Gift Voucher Brilliance: Perfect for your business and customers alike

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