Is your Gift Voucher Shop February ready?


New Year, new content - with the Christmas holidays all done and dusted for another year it's time to start the New Year fresh!

1. Refresh your content - wipe the slate clean, make your content relevant, timely and most importantly engaging! There's no such thing as a content fairy...!

2. Create a Valentine’s category – all voucher shops can feature unlimited categories, be sure to create a seasonal category especially for Valentine’s. Make sure this category is ‘featured’ in order to display on the home page of your shop.  

3. Promotional code/hidden voucher – be sure to offer those loyal, returning guests a deal or promotion, make them feel special and give them a reason to return. Set up a promotional code or a hidden voucher and email the link/code to all those 5* guests!

4. Make your customers and guests aware – promote your voucher shop far and wide, target previous guests, lookalikes and anyone that has expressed an interested in your venue. A great way to do this is via your social channels, email newsletters or with a downloadable gift guide.

5. Help your customers make a hint – encourage your guests to share your email/social post/offer with a loved one, sometimes all that is needed is a gentle hint!

6. Your venue is your biggest asset – the number of clients that have vouchers shops but do not actively promote in-house is phenomenal! A simple poster, button badge, an in-room postcard or even a message on your menu/specials board, don’t assume everyone knows you sell gift vouchers.


For further information and enquiries on any of the above marketing tips please get in touch. Call the Gift Voucher Brilliance team on 01803 872999 or email today.