Catching the Pre-Christmas Rush

A busy time for businesses, it’s also less than calm for many individuals.

It is now that the retail sector bombards consumers with Christmas messages. Don’t be part of the noise; instead, cut through it by offering something different. You have an online gift voucher shop? Perfect!

The ease and speed of purchasing gift vouchers is a core advantage alongside hassle-free delivery options. Now is a key time to remind your customers of this and boost voucher sales.

Alongside regular mentions in communications throughout the year, a targeted single-message email newsletter with a clear and compelling call-to-action has the potential to bring in voluminous direct sales, and combining this with social media posting and remarketing techniques reinforces the message.

To create an exclusive feel, create a special discount section in your online shop using the Hidden Vouchers functionality. This will create a unique URL that can be sent to your best customers. This is a great way of maintaining control of which vouchers can be purchased at the discounted price and limits any long-term brand erosion.

If you’ve had your gift voucher shop for over a year, have a look at who bought pre-Christmas vouchers last year and send them a reminder of what you do. Chances are that these people will be warmer to the idea of buying again compared to Joe Blogs.

Don’t neglect your own website – create a link from the home page and, if appropriate, make mention of the gift voucher shop in other areas of the site. If a graphical link is appropriate, tailor it for a festive feel.

Consider creating season-specific vouchers to make choice even easier. For hotels, for example, this could be a packaged stay such as accommodation, dinner and spa treatment. These will need to be removed manually after the festive season, so don’t forget to set a reminder!