Afternoon Teaspiration

There is something quintessentially English about an afternoon tea. Dating back to the third millennium BC in China but popularised in the England during the 1660s century by King Charles it has and always will be a great British tradition!

Traditional Afternoon Tea

Traditional afternoon tea is one of the best-selling vouchers if you aren’t selling them you should be!

Traditional Teaspiration here.

Or why not take a twist on tradition with some great teaspiration!

Pimms tea

Pimm’s Afternoon Tea

A must for the Summer, enjoy a refreshing glass of Pimm’s in the sunshine – it’s the perfect addition.

Pimm’s Teaspiration here.

Prosecco tea

Prosecco Afternoon Tea

A twist on the traditional tea, add a glass of bubbles and fizz things up!

Fizz Teaspiration here.

Tipsy tea

Tipsy Afternoon Tea

A unique take on Afternoon Tea with teapot served cocktails or a boozy cocktail kick. Tipsy afternoon tea is a creative way to eat your bite-sized nibbles and indulge in afternoon delight.

Tipsy Teaspiration here. 

Gin tea

Gin Afternoon Tea

Gin and afternoon tea – two of our nation’s favourite things, both steeped in national history. Move over traditional tea, gin tea is where it is at!

Gin Teaspiration here.

Savoury tea

Savoury Afternoon Tea

Not everyone has a sweet tooth to satisfy, why not try the alternative savoury afternoon tea. Replace with mini sliders, scotch eggs, pork pies, pigs in blankets, swap the sweet scones for delicious cheese and onion alternatives – the choice is endless!

Savoury Teaspiration here.

Cheese tea

Cheese Afternoon Tea

The ultimate savoury afternoon tea and homage for cheese and wine lovers. 

Cheese Teaspiration here.

Chocolate tea

Chocolate Afternoon Tea

Enjoy all the trappings of a traditional Afternoon tea with fun treats and chocolate delicacies.

Chocolate Teaspiration here.

gentlemens tea

Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea

It’s not only a tradition for ladies that lunch men are getting involved too! 

Gentlemen’s Teaspiration here.

Guilt-free tea

Guilt-free Afternoon Tea

With wellness trends at the forefront of our mind in 2019 there is no better time to offer a guilt-free tea. Enjoy nutritional and wholefood recipes made entirely without gluten and refined sugar.

Guilt-free teaspiration here.

His & her tea

His & Her Afternoon Tea

For the newly-weds, Mum & Dad, anniversary gifts and a combination of sweet and savoury. The perfect take on a traditional tea.

His & Her Teaspiration here. 

Themed tea

Themed Afternoon Tea

From children’s favourites to novel themes there is something for everyone to enjoy. Mix them up monthly to keep guests coming back. 

Themed Teaspiration here.

italian tea

Italian Afternoon Tea

Experience a taste of Italy without having to leave the UK! 

Italian Teaspiration here.


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