5 Ways to Boost Gift Voucher Sales

Gift vouchers are becoming an increasingly popular way to treat a friend or relative. The option to buy an experience or treat (to be redeemed at a time that is convenient for the recipient) is the perfect solution and makes a unique and thoughtful gift. With Gift Voucher Brilliance, you can set up gift voucher options in minutes; choose to promote a particular service or tailor vouchers to a particular celebration. What’s more, from our experience, a staggering 20-30% of all vouchers sold, go unredeemed! 

We’ve put together the following top five tips to help boost your gift voucher sales:

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Tip one: Create a new category

You can use existing vouchers, or create bespoke ones, but group these under a new seasonal category. This should increase your shop’s visibility in searches, as well as capturing and reminding customers of the upcoming celebration as they browse your site.

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Tip two: Set up a secret deal

With just a few clicks you can set up a ‘Hidden Vouchers’ section in your gift voucher shop, this won’t appear in the main menu but will have a unique URL that you can email to a targeted group of customers. This means that you can control which gift vouchers can be bought at a discounted price, and limits any long-term brand erosion. If you are selling perishable stock – hotel rooms, restaurant covers etc. – you can create special vouchers that can only be used during certain periods. This is a great way to make special offers really work for you.

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Tip three: Use discount codes

Set up a discount and assign it a code e.g. LAUNCH2017. It’s easy to set up, and an expiry date can be added to create a sense of urgency. Customers can apply the discount code at checkout for a percentage or specified amount off. Be sure to promote it far and wide. Broadcast it on social media, add it to your website and include it in your email newsletters.

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Tip four: Make it relevant

Sounds simple, create a separate category that is viewable on the main featured menu on the website and fill it with seasonal gift vouchers, at the click of a button, you can feature specific vouchers in your ‘bestselling’, ‘recently added' or 'featured' section so that it appears prominently on your site.  Popular vouchers coming through are themed Afternoon Tea's, pamper days, local beer and gin tasting and short stays.

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Tip five: Share, share, share

Use eye-catching and engaging posts on social media with a link to your gift voucher shop or a specific voucher in the lead up to a celebration or seasonal event.

Gift Voucher Brilliance: Perfect for your business and customers alike

When it comes to selling the perfect gift experience, our voucher system is so easy to set up and use. Why not delight your customers and add another revenue source to your business today? For further information and all enquiries, please contact the Gift Voucher Brilliance team on 01803 872999. For more marketing tips, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or sign up to our newsletter.